Evan Febrillet

| 03/15/18 – 04/01/18


If it wasn’t for my obsession with films, my photography career would not exist. I love photography, but a film geek is what I truly am. Cinematographers fascinate me; they get to set up these beautiful moving pictures. Originally, I purchased a DSLR to create moving images as a cinematographer would, but one thing led to another and photography took over. I became obsessed with wanting to create “still scenes.”

I love getting to know someone and then shooting some very personal portraits of them. I take portraits of people I meet on the streets, capturing their attitude and personality. Those are so much fun because you get to see folks in their element. I absolutely love capturing a person’s essence. It’s a beautiful feeling for me. When I take a photo of someone I want their personality to ooze out of the image. That is my main motive when shooting a fellow human.

“I hope when viewing this exhibit, the audience feels the personality bursting out, and I hope it influences them to talk to more people around them.” ~ FEBBERS.


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